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Introduction to Investment Risk and Taxation

The CIFA Introduction to Investment Taxation and Risk is a structured e-learning programme covering critical areas of investment practices that enable finance professionals to determine the risk associated with varying investment classes. This is a CIFA Level 4 course leading to a CIFA examination. Approximate total study time is 140 hours (estimated timings for individual chapters are shown below).

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What will I learn?
  • The main characteristics, risk and returns of cash deposits: liquidity; rates of interest; past returns; real returns; deposit-takers; statutory protection
  • The main long-term global trends and the effects of technological changes/ advancements
  • Effects of compound interest and the time value of money
  • Application of income tax in respect of individuals; trusts; charities
  • Understand the main types, purposes, common investment characteristics and behaviours of funds, collectives and other products
  • Purpose and principles of asset allocation and its relationship with investment theory
  • Framework for providing financial advice
  • Purpose and limitations of portfolio evaluation

Curriculum for this course
16 Chapters
16 Chapters
  • Chapter 1 The Various Classes of Assets
  • Chapter 1 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 2 The Macroeconomic Environment
  • Chapter 2 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 3 Investment Risk and Return: The Basic Principles
  • Chapter 3 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 4 Investor and Investment Taxation
  • Chapter 4 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 5 Types of Investment Products
  • Chapter 5 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 6 Planning and Constructing Portfolios
  • Chapter 6 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 7 Providing Investment Advice
  • Chapter 7 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Chapter 8 Performance and Reviewing of Portfolios
  • Chapter 8 Review Quiz 00:00:00
  • Introduction to UK Financial Regulation & Professional Integrity
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The CIFA Introduction to Investment Taxation and Risk is a structured e-learning programme covering critical areas of investment practices that allow finance professionals to determine the risk associated with various investment classes. 

Understanding investment taxation and risk influences the decision-making process required to make clear and decisive ethical investment decisions for private and corporate clients. 

Financial Advisors, Investment Managers, Stockbrokers and Wealth Managers must maintain an up to date knowledge on the varying investment classes that enable them to provide sound ethical investment advice.

Studying the CIFA Investment Taxation and Risk course will provide and enhance vital knowledge on the critical principles of Investment Risk Taxation and Return, including the various types of investment products; planning and constructing portfolios; and the performance and reviewing of portfolios.

The CIFA Introduction to Investment Taxation and Risk, combined with the Introduction to UK Financial Regulation and Professional Integrity, provides a strong foundation in the relevant professional knowledge required to enter a career in finance and investment.

Completing the CIFA Investment Taxation and Risk course is ideal before undertaking industry-specific qualifications and further advancements within a specified discipline.

The CIFA Investment Taxation and Risk course is suited to both graduates and existing professionals for continuing professional development purposes. 

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