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University Registrations

International Students

Medical and business students from a range of countries could now receive a discount on their fees, subject to a short application process through the CIFA. We now have referral programmes and scholarships openly available to CIFA students who wish to study internationally. Finance shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone to achieve their potential and complete a degree, which is why we are pleased to offer scholarships for online learners from overseas.

Through the CIFA referral, you can receive a maximum of ONE scholarship per programme you complete at a university, subject to your meeting our entry requirements and providing the supporting documentation requested.

Scholarships will be applied to your tuition fees on a pro-rata basis throughout the duration of your studies. The value of the scholarship is never more than the value of your tuition, but varies depending on your geography and your level of study.

We have a large international student base globally with students from all parts of the world including Nigeria, Iran, Turkey and all middle eastern countries. Our African students have opportunities in Medical Science, Bio-medical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Studies, as well as in the Business and International Relations faculties. There are also many more disciplines available, including Finance.

The CIFA has created a gateway that enables CIFA online students to register for international universities and obtain scholarships. To see if you qualify, please provide your current education level and provide an up-to-date photographic copy of your passport.

To apply for one of the university programmes or scholarships through the CIFA you must provide a copy of your photographic ID page of your passport and your current level of education.

For further details on what is available and how to begin the process please call

Tel: +44 1865655704                                                  

Email Info@cifa.ac