Financial Advisor Certificate


The CIFA Financial Advisor Certificate (FAC) programme is an in-depth, entry-level certification designed to give financial students a structured e-learning programme that introduces UK Regulations and Professional Ethics, and further advancements vital to employment as a Financial advisor. 

Studying the CIFA Financial Advisor Certificate will expand your knowledge and make your CV stand out.

The FAC Is a specialised certification which is a stepping stone for graduates and career changers who wish to display their professional knowledge and enhance their resume.

The Units for the FAC Certificate are;

Introduction to UK Regulations and Professional Integrity 

Introduction to Investment Taxation and Risk 

Introduction to Planning & Financial Advice

The FAC Certificate is a brilliant option for existing advisors who want to advance with continuing professional development.

The CIFA Financial Advisor Certificate includes chapters on UK Contract and Trust Legislation, Integrity and Ethics in Professional Practice and the Regulatory Infrastructure of the UK Financial Services sector.

The CIFA Financial Advisor Certificate covers FCA and PRA Supervisory Objectives, including principles and processes and FCA and PRA Authorisation of Firms and Individuals, including the Regulatory Framework Relating to Financial Crime Complaints, Redress as well as the FCA Conduct of Business, Fair Treatment and Client Money Protection.

The CIFA Financial Advisor Certificate is suitable for finance graduates who need to stand out from the crowd by enhancing their knowledge in UK Financial Regulations and Professional Integrity, Taxation and Financial Planning and Advice. 

The CIFA Financial Advisor Certificate is a qualification that should be present on every aspiring Financial Advisors CV.