Purchase any unit and pay in full and recieve free study support worth £60! Offer valid until 30th September 2021

Course Providers

Do you have professional knowledge that can positively impact and benefit the lives of students around the globe? 

Would you like to make a passive income from sharing your knowledge online?

Market and sell your courses within the CIFA's education platform and we will help you share your knowledge with the world!  

The CIFA education platform empowers students and teachers alike. Our dynamic course delivery system has built-in functions that enable you to provide your students with PowerPoint presentations, video lessons and built-in flipbooks that engage your students and protect your written content from digital theft. 

If you are as passionate about sharing knowledge as we are, why not earn an income from inspiring others and grow your business online with a dynamic and innovative company?

When you promote your courses through the CIFA, you will have the full backing and support of an international company who will help you to market your course to the world.

Most digital course providers charge a monthly fee to use their platform but provide no digital marketing to help you gain students and increase revenues; enabling you to scale your business and achieve your entrepreneurial goals and aspirations. 

These platforms leave you to market your course independently through various apps and marketing platforms including: click funnels, social media and expensive google advertising campaigns, which can be mind-boggling and expensive.

The CIFA supports your growth and enables you to increase your audience by benefiting from our marketing, in addition to your own, so it is a win-win situation all round!

The CIFA is a proactive company that can include your new course in our blogs and articles, published to students worldwide, across Google news, student forums, blogs and features on partnering websites and many more student hotspots around the world, including inserts in our email newsletter.

Grow with the CIFA and create a life without limitations! You will have the full support and backing of an international company that will assist you every step of the way! 

As a CIFA instructor, you will benefit from up to the minute revenue reports, in real-time, and see your student numbers grow.

The CIFA believe in education without limitations. They know that the richest place on earth is the cemetery; it is full of inventions and ideas that no one has ever heard of! Don't limit your audience or take your inspirational knowledge and professional expertise go to the grave with you! 

Inspire the world through a partnership with the CIFA! 

Share your knowledge and inspire innovations and enhancements to, not only earn you an income, but enhance the quality of people's lives around the world! 

As an instructor and course writer, you know the value of your knowledge and expertise and the benefits that they will bring to your students! We do not believe in limiting the value placed on education. 

Set the price of your course yourself! 

The CIFA has a simple pricing structure, allowing you to promote your course through our website, without the expense of large fees for small-priced courses. 

With the CIFA, there are no limits to the value of education! 

For further information on the pricing structure and to see how you can benefit from promoting your course through the CIFA, please go to the registration panel or call our office on 0044 1865 655704