Investment Advisor Certificate


CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate


The CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate (IAC) programme is an in-depth, entry level certification designed to give our financial students a structured e-learning programme that introduces you to the UK regulations and professional ethics and further advancements that are critical elements to employment within the investment profession. Studying the CIFA Investment Advisor Certification will definitely boost your knowledge and make your CV stand out.


All CIFA certificate and training programmes are developed in compliance with the contemporary requirements of the UK, European and global regulators and certifying institutions. The CIFA authors, instructors and raining educators are experienced and reputed international academics or professionals in their respective fields.

The IAC programme covers aspects of the financial regulatory framework within the UK. Key areas include an introduction to UK Financial Services Sector, UK Financial Services and Consumer Relationships to professionally develop the students’ knowledge of important areas that lead them towards professional qualifications in this field.

The CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate also includes chapters on UK Contract and Trust Legislation, Integrity and Ethics in Professional Practice and the Regulatory Infrastructure of the UK Financial Services sector.

The CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate covers FCA and PRA Supervisory Objectives, Principles and Processes and FCA and PRA Authorisation of Firms and Individuals, including the Regulatory Framework Relating to Financial Crime Complaints and Redress as well as the FCA Conduct of Business, Fair Treatment and Client Money Protection.

The CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate is suitable for finance graduates who need to stand out from the crowd by enhancing their knowledge of UK Financial regulations and showcasing their commitment to further development in the financial industry prior to undertaking FCA regulated qualifications.

The CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate (IAC) is an in-depth and detailed programme that will help to enhance your CV and make you a more appealing candidate within the financial services sector.

CIFA values our student relationships and will develop courses and certification programmes that are relevant to their future success within various industries.

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