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Employers' Integrity


When interviewing a potential employee, the credibility of the professional development that the applicant holds plays a key role in the decision to hire. Ensuring that the certification holder has the relevant skill-base and professional knowledge displayed on their resumé is imperative when making an informed decision.

The CIFA maintain the highest levels of professional integrity, utilising some of the most advanced technologies available when administering our professional development certification programmes.

Our students benefit from in-depth tutorials in their specialised fields and have regular and relevant study support with senior professors, tutors and instructors, including working knowledge from high ranking active professionals within their industry.

We ensure that the knowledge we impart is required in the practical working environment to ensure that the candidate is not only competent in their professional understanding but will exceed the required standards of understanding.

We have advanced proctoring and stringent policies surrounding our examinations; so, you can be assured of the professional integrity of the holder of our certifications.